LP Releases: Naujawanan Baidar & Mostafa Heydarian

Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian's "Songs of Horaman" gets the vinyl treatment and Naujawanan Baidar 2xLP compilation repressed


9/16/2022 2 min read

Radio Khiyaban is happy to announce the vinyl reissue of one of our quickest-selling (and dare we say, oen of our favorite) releases, Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian and Behzad Varasteh's "Songs of Horaman" album, along with a second pressing of the sold-out Naujawanan Baidar 2xLP compilation containing the band's first two tapes on the label in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve*.

Both albums are available now for pre-order and begin shipping out on October 6th, 2022.

For these reissues we have collaborated with a number of international labels to make the records more easily available. European orders should of course be placed through us for best rates, otherwise for "Songs of Horaman" we are working alongside Centripetal Force Records (USA), Cardinal Fuzz (UK), and Ramble Records (Australia), and for the Naujawanan Baidar album with Feeding Tube Records (USA), Cardinal Fuzz (UK), and Ramble Records (Australia). Depending on the label and territory you might be able to find the albums through your local dealer/distributor as well.

In the meantime we are also working to pin down our own distributor over here in Europe and, for future releases, collaboration with additional labels, particularly in the global south, in order to help make this music more affordable and widely available. If you or anyone you know has any interest, resources, or recommendations on these fronts always feel welcome to get in touch with us!

Pre-orders can be found at the STORE link above or at https://radiokhiyaban.bandcamp.com

Regarding Mostafa Heydarian, plans are also currently in the works to bring him over to Europe at the end of the year for some performances! No details yet as it is still a relatively intensive and bureaucratic mess getting the necessary visas, etc - particularly for an Iranian citizen having to battle through the draconian sanctions and restrictions placed by the US/EU on Iranians. We will absolutely be letting you all know how things develop on this front. Much of the legwork on this side is being done by French musician and friend of Heydarian's, Valentin Portron, who also mixed and wrote the liner notes for "Songs of Horaman." Valentin's own band Portron-Portron-Lopez also recently released their own fantastic new album called "Ice Cream Soufi" on which Heydarian appears (!!!) and which comes highly recommended for anyone into avant-garde rock and post punk a la The Ex, Sun City Girls, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, etc.

And in terms of recent Naujawanan Baidar updates, the promised vinyl issue of the third album "Khedmat Be Khalq" is still being finalized. The mastering is done courtesy of Chris Hardman (who also mastered the first two albums) and sounding fantastic. No estimates on the pressing time yet but we are hoping to work with a new startup plant that claims quick turnaround. In the meantime hopefully the cassette and digital copies are at least whetting your appetites!

Mohammad Mostafa Heydarian & Behzad Varasteh

Naujawanan Baidar
"NAUJAWANAN BAIDAR" (compilation)

* as with the original first pressing, the jackets for the Naujawanan Baidar compilation were also supposed to be printed on matte reverse-board gatefold sleeves but the pressing plant fucked up again somehow and sent them on standard light gloss stock. Chalk this one up to the consequences of working through a massive corporate pressing plant I guess...